Rock Creek Conclave – 2018

Did You Know Lutherans Fly-Fishing AND beer?

Did You Know  Lutherans love Fly-Fishing AND beer?

The world-famous, “Lutrin” Fly Fishing and Bible Thumpin‘  Conclave is all set. The dates are August 16th-19th here at mile-marker 20 on Rock Creek. As some of you do not have fly-fishing gear, give Trail Head here in Missoula a call. They have boots (you won’t need waders because the water is warm enough to “wet” wade and the temps are high enough to make it comfortable) and other gear for rent.

Sugar Plums Lining Our Driveway (click to enlarge)

Sugar Plums Lining Our Driveway (click to enlarge)

‘Tis an easy drive. From Sammamish, take I-90 East to Montana exit 126. Turn right, zero your odometer, proceed about  20 miles and take the first right. Our cabin is exactly 0.5 miles from the turn-off (across a bridge and through a cattle gate).


Pr. Eric and I will  be available for fly fishing lessons – both beginner and advanced. For those interested, I’ll pass on some hints on how to improve your double haul. But, I should point out that Rock Creek is fairly narrow and lined with fly-hungry willows. Not your mom’s double-haul venue.

One of our friends with a nice pre-fire catch in early July of last year.

On the other hand, one of the most effective casts when wading in rivers whose banks are lined with brush is the single-hand double spey  – the reverse double spey from river left and the regular double spey when wading on river right.


Joe Peltier April CuttJoe Peltier, a neighbor just down the road from us (at mile 9) and along with his wife Deb, owner of the Rock Creek Troutbums Fly Fishing shop caught this monster Brown on the Clark Fork. The Brownies in Rock Creek originate in Clark Fork. As a matter of fact, a 10 lb Brownie was caught about 5 miles above us near the Little Hogback three years ago.

Rock Creek - July 18 inch Brown

July Brownie – 19″

Fish this size are very rare everywhere. But if you’re able to come out this summer, you’ll catch a fair number of Brownies. They typically run a little bigger than the Cutties or the Rainbows. The picture to the right is a 19″ Brownie.

August Rainbow – 15″

Rainbows and Cutthroats run about 14″ to 15″. To the left is a very typical Rainbow.




The Food

Each morning we will have assorted fat pills, orange juice, and coffee. But here are each evening’s victuals:

Thursday Evening: Best Friends Forever

Friday Evening: Pulled Pork sliders and home-made Baked Beans

Saturday Evening: Baby-Backs

Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, so called for the “smoke” formed when skiing the powder snow here in Montana.

Finally, Missoula is home to about a dozen microbreweries, all of which have fantastic offerings. This year we will feature Cold Smoke Scotch Ale and a nice refreshing Shandy. But, bring your own if you fancy a particular brew.

Bible Thumpin’

The conclave was cancelled last year because of the fires. But, like 2016, our evenings will be discussion-oriented, Bible studies. These discussions are and have been, to say the least, lively.


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