March 13th, 2017

These pics were kindly taken by our friends and fellow Trouthaven residents, Andy and Jacey Watson. This is a lot of snow for this time of year so everyone is looking for decent water flows this season.


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Trouthaven – Sunday, 15 January 2017

Yesterday, Sunday 15 January, 2016, Lynn Farmer, Gail and I went up Rock Creek to our cabins. The snow was too deep for Lynn’s truck (even with chains), so we parked just off the main road and hiked in to Trouthaven.These are a few of the pictures we took.

Here’s Gail returning to the truck after hiking into the cabin (about 0.5 miles) on Snow Shoes for the first time.

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December, 2016

Pictures taken at the Howard’s house in Bozeman in December 2016 as we wait for our house in Missoula to be finished.


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Trouthaven Cabin – Dec 2016

Picture courtesy of Karen Gunderson Booker. In this picture we’re looking South to our Cabin.

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Bozeman Stroll

A few nights ago, Gail and I, along with friends Bob and Joanne Nute and Kaye and Jack Gaines participated in a celebration called the Bozeman Christmas Stroll.

Every year about this time, the city shuts down Main street, erects these giant street lights called “Spiders”, invites vendors to set up shop on the sidewalks in response to which the entire city turns out and walks up and down Main eating stuff, listening to street music, and enjoying the evening. Great good fun.

It was 28o F when this picture was taken.

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Mid-November at Trouthaven. Sited this nice, not-so-small 2 point muley near our cabin. It’s been unusually warm and wet which have kept the bucks high. Good to see the boys coming down into the valley. Big snow storm forecast for this Thursday (17 Nov, 2016) so sitings such as this ought not be so rare.


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House Progress – Trusses in place

Roof trusses in place. Doing the sheathing this week and hopefully fully dried in by Thanksgiving (Click to enlarge).


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The Big Boys Return

Seen on 29 Oct, 2016,at  mile marker 7, Rock Creek Road.


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Construction pics of our new house in Missoula

I’ve been meaning to put up some pictures of our house as it progresses. The weather has been very wet all fall and has slipped our schedule a good two months. But we’re past much of the weather dependent steps.

The house is a custom, daylight rambler with a courtyard in front, covered and elevated deck in back looking to out across a links-type golf course (the Ranch Club – see video below) to the Southern, Western, and Northwestern mountain ranges. Its size comes in at about 34oo square feet (bigger than we initially wanted) and has a gourmet kitchen/appliances and a huge pantry. Cooking and entertaining will be a blast.

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Latest Game Camera Pictures

These pictures were taken between the middle of September and the middle of October. There were over a thousand images – mostly of leaves blowing (the camera shutter is triggered by movement). But about 100 contained animals in order of frequency: Deer, racoons, skunks, ravens, fox, moose, and beaver.



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