Autumn on Rock Creek

This is a picture of our property on the Western bank of the world-famous Rock Creek River about 50 miles Southeast of Missoula, Montana. In this first photo, you are looking East from the end of our driveway. The river is just 50 yards or so beyond the cabin. You can also see the guest cabin (left of the main cabin) and, though it’s somewhat hard to see, to the far left you can just see the roof line of the bunkhouse.


The main cabin

Here’s another view of the main cabin, this time looking to the Southwest from our fire pit at the main cabin and the porch. From this vantage, the river is behind the photographer.



The Beat - a half mile of some of the best water on the creek

The Homestead Beat, 75 yards of cleared bank

The picture on the left is looking due North (the river flows from South to North) along our property and constitutes one of the best riffles on this magnificent stream. The locals call this one mile stretch the “Magic Riffle”. I’ve cleared away the scrub willow on this stretch so that my entire river front can be easily fished. In Scotland, where fly fishing is said to have originated, cleared stretches of bank like this are called “beats”. I have named this particular stretch the homestead beat.

This is a picture of our guest house and the bunk house. One of this summer’s main projects is to finish the bunkhouse by adding a wrap-around deck, an enclosed (private) outdoor bathroom including a shower and composting toilet. You can see a video of the instant hot water shower we have here and a review of our composting toilet from Nature’s Head, here.

Guest Cabin and Bunk House

Guest Cabin (L) and Bunk House (R)

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