Updated, Improved Shower Enclosure

I can tell you that there are few things in life more refreshing than an outdoor shower after a ‘hard’ day fishing in 90 deg weather (or, say. whittling down the ever growing honey-do list). Our shower, shown here, is huge (8′ by 4′), has hot and cold running water, clothes and towel racks, and a composting toilet.

Sadly, there’s a mountain peak immediately to the South that affords a view down into the enclosure from 5,500 ft and 3 miles away.

This year I’ve modified the enclosure, adding corrugated galvanized metal paneling over the original cedar planks. Gail and I both think it looks more rustic, but also gives more privacy.

Here’s the inside: note I retained the cedar planks. The corrugated panels are not visible from the inside. By the way, the shower curtain is, strictly speaking, not necessary (the door blocks any line of sight. Why, do you ask? Well, it’s got pics of moose, bears, and fish AND for those of you who do calisthenics while showering, the curtain keeps water off your clothes.


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