Montana Snowpack, 26 March, 2018

On Sunday morning the forecast was for a sunny, warm week. Time to open up the cabin, we thought. So, up we went to the cabin that very morning and set it all up. Turned on the water, electricity, internet, lit all the pilot lights – tested everything and all checked out. Easiest opening yet.


Returned home. Forecast changed. Freezing temps, snow now in the forecast for the week. Returned to the cabin Monday morning and drained the water, put anti-freeze in the pipes, but left the rest of the cabin alone.

But, it’s spring in Montana. Whaddya gonna do?

Here’s the latest Montana snowpack as of 26 March, 2018

Location of out cabin at Trouthaven – below and left of the “154” in the map above.

This is great news, but maybe not so great for late spring fishing. Because the snowpack this year is very heavy, the spring runoff may last well into June. But the rest of the summer and fall should be fantastic. Here’s hoping for a great fishing season.

As an aside, the Clark Fork Coalition is seeing a marked improvement in Dollie and Rainbow migration in Rock Creek specifically but also throughout the Clark Fork drainage.

Good times.

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