Bunkhouse Progress

DSC01442Worked all day on the shower/toilet enclosure. Got it all framed and ready for the pickets. I won’t get the pickets until the next time we go into Missoula – Probably early next week.

DSC01445Here’s a pic with me inside the enclosure to give you a feel for the size. I’m 6′ 2″ and the pickets will extend another 4 inches above my head.

The gap in the post against the wall on the left will allow me to run the propane and water lines into the shower.

omorrow I’ll install the shower. I’ll buy the cedar pickets next week and get those up.

Gail got a lot of the mowing done, but it’s a challenge keeping up with the grass. The rain has been abundant. Got almost an inch a few nights ago along with a thunder boomer or two.

No fishing for me today and probably not tomorrow either. Got lots to do to get ready. We have guests from Price-Waterhouse Cooper coming in mid-July and we need to get the place in shape.

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  1. Richard Waymire says:

    looks great Mike! Can’t wait to come visit!

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