Returning to Trouthaven This Week


Pic taken about 5 miles upstream from the cabin

We will be leaving Sammamish tomorrow and heading to Trouthaven. On the docket will be to mow the grass, begin work on the Shower-Toilet enclosure, mow the grass, attach the trim boards to the finished interior walls, mow the grassm and rebuild/replace the gravity water supply (necessary for the outdoor shower). Ahhh, did I mention mowing the grass?


Our Cabin fronted by locust trees


Of course, the Salmon Flies are everywhere now and the fish (I’m told) are gorging on ’em. In some ways, the Salmon Fly hatch heralds the onset of full-frontal, in-your-face, saddle-up fly fishing. After the Salmon Flies subside, the Golden Stones appear along with the various May Fly species. It’s a good time to be on Rock Creek.


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