Shower-Toilet Enclosure – Looking for Feedback

An outdoor shower-toilet enclosure is a reasonably straightforward DIY project from a carpentry-assembly viewpoint. The difficulty lies in what features to provide, particularly since not a few people (esp. women) are understandably uncomfortable with the idea of taking showers out of doors.

So, the biggest challenge is to provide a facility that ameliorates this discomfort by providing complete privacy while at the same time providing access to a surround view of Trouthaven’s vistas. So, there will be no roof and no sides so tall as to unduly obstruct the views from within the enclosure.

Outdoor Shower Enclosure with Multiple Functional Spaces (click to enlarge)

Outdoor Shower Enclosure with Multiple Functional Spaces (click to enlarge)

Here are some examples of outdoor shower-toilet enclosures I am currently contemplating. I’d be very interested in any thoughts, comments, suggestions, recommendations, or personal experiences you may wish to provide.

The shower enclosure pictured on the right is very much along the lines I favor. However, the enclosure is 4′ wide and 12′ long providing plenty of room for a dressing room, shower, and throne.

Dry Composting Toilet (click to enlarge)

Dry Composting Toilet (click to enlarge)


The toilet is a dry composting toilet by Nature’s Head. These toilets are very popular with the tiny homes community because there is, quite truthfully, no residual odor.

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2 Responses to Shower-Toilet Enclosure – Looking for Feedback

  1. John Knie says:

    Having just come off a 6 day Grand Canyon float trip on the Colorado, this looks pretty luxurious! Our throne was a portable steel can with a commode seat. It did however have a world-class view of the river and canyon 🙂 Don’t skimp on the view. Just figure out a convenient way to notify anyone approaching that the seat is occupied. John

  2. Nathan says:

    Another consideration would be to have louvred sections at the top enabling people to see the views from inside outwards and upwards, but someone looking in from outside the enclosure would have to be at a significantly higher vantage (which only needs to be higher the further away you are).

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