1st Stage of Bunkhouse Is Complete

Bunkhouse Deck

Bunkhouse Deck

The Deck is complete except for the railings. We still need to decide on whether we’ll install wrought iron railings or wood railings of some kind. The short posts you see on the front of the deck are the bench supports.

Side deck and bathroom floor

Side deck and bathroom floor

2nd Stage:

The narrow deck (4′ wide) on the door side of the bunkhouse will be a rough-hewn, cedar planked enclosed bathroom. The bathroom will offer an insta-hot shower and composting toilet. Note the two (of four) bamboo shower mats.┬áNo more outhouses at Trouthaven. Believe it or not, the combination is quite spacious with plenty of hooks and shelving for robes, clothes, towels, soap, etc.

The enclosure will be open to the sky and accessed by an inside-locking, outward-opening door just to the side of the cabin door.


Blue pine T&G (lower), white pine T&G (ceiling)

Finally, the interior paneling is complete except for the trim boards. This is looking through the two north-facing windows. The lower, side walls are T&G blue pine and the ceiling is standard white pine T&G.

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  1. COUSIN ERNIE says:

    I like your trout haven Mick. Coming hunting this fall, would be good to see you again. If you are I will save some Alaskan Salomon for a meal.

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