Bunkhouse Progress

Ledger and beam (click to expand)

Ledger and beam (click to expand)

The deck will be a post and beam design. The joists will be 8′ 2x8s and will attach to the ledger board via joist hangers and rest on the beam (the 4×6 in the foreground) 7′ out using 24″ OC. Because of the spacing between the joists, we’ll use 2×6 deck boards.

This part of the deck (the front) will be 8′ by 16′ and will overhang the support substructure by 1′ all around.

Tho’ you can’t see it yet, there will be a flush toilet and outdoor shower (enclosed except from above) on a side deck just off the door (not visible from this angle). You will have complete privacy except for the birds and occasional airplane.

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