May We Live in Interesting Times

Interesting? The Chinese proverb is surely apropos. Check out the Daily Log (see tab above) for the latest in our battles with fire.

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  1. Greg Snelson says:

    So this is the famous Peterson Rock Creek Forest Fire Academy and trout wanglers, eh?
    Thanks for the hat and the stress relief system, although I am a little mellower since the stoke. I always hoped it would bring wisdom, but patience is OK.
    I am healing up, walking better with my cane, and my right arm is resonding to treatment. I can move my hand; you gotta reel!
    The StaPuft Marshmellow women is a nice touch; you don’t see that in most fishing journals!
    Hope to make it over this summer.
    Vios can Dios,
    Jesse San Juana, to my friends

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