New Fly Fishing Videos & Links

15" Rainbow caught mid-July

15″ Rainbow caught mid-July behind our cabin.

I’ve posted a number of videos that might be of interest to those who would fish RC. They are:

  • Fly Fishing Montana (including Rock Creek)
  • Fly Casting (mostly demonstrations)
  • Fly Fishing Techniques (actually fishing)
  • And a set of instructional videos from Red’s fly shop on the Yakima river.

Just click on the [Videos] tab above (or here) and pick your poison.

Also, on the sidebar you’ll see links to fly fishing reports, resorts, and shops.

As a quick aside, I have concluded, after a summer of Rock Creek fishing, that the  spey reach cast is invaluable when fishing dries — especially on the run from the Money Hole down to the bridge. If you don’t know this cast, I can dust off my FFF material and teach it to you.

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