Rock Creek Fishing Report

5th June, 2014

Water Temp is now 45 – 46 F (Measured in the morning and afternoon).


Rock Creek just below and due east of the Microburst

Clarity: Tea colored, but visibility is almost two feet.

Did a very thorough inspection of the shrubbery along the bank and no salmon flies yet.

However, the guides are reporting salmon flies down by the confluence — have they reached the valley of the moon, yet?



View upriver from the the Little Hogback

4th June, 2014

Water Temp: 44 F

Clarity: Tea Colored, but over a foot visibility. Further upriver just beyond the little hogback, the clarity is a good 2 feet.






3rd June: 44 F.


Our stairway leading down to river

Water is tea colored with about 6″ visibility. The Homestead Rock is completely covered and barely visible indicating at least 3000 cfs flow rate up here. In a nutshell, its blown out but with the cooler weather, I’m hopeful we’ll get a drop in flow and improved clarity.

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