The Homestead Beat

In the parlance of Scottish fly fishing, a “beat” is a section of river dedicated to [fly] fishing. Here’s an article about a famous estate containing 3 beats on the River Spey in Scotland. These beats are highly stylized, often containing outhouses, mowed paths, and ghillies (“ghillie” is gaelic for “guide).

Here on Rock Creek (the Homestead, so-called because our lot was the original homestead in this area) I have started a project to carve out a beat (the “Homestead Beat”) that will front our property.


Access stairs to the “Homestead Beat”

The Beat will consist of a path on river left extending between our property’s boundary lines — about 200′ of river frontage. The path will provide unobstructed movement up and down stream.

In addition to the stairs, about 30′ of the beat has been completed but, due to high water is not visible.


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