Plans for Summer 2014

1) In April we’ll install a new solar power system including,off-grid-cabin-solar

  •  – A solar array of three Sharp 250W panels installed on the roof of the guest cabin
  •  – Outback 3524 Inverter, control panel, FM 80 controller, and a generator control start module.
  •  – A battery bank of 4 Trojan L16RE flooded lead acid batteries + an enclosure. Enough for 3 days of power in total darkness.

2) Install an in-ground water well including all plumbing and electrical + a new 20 gallon Pressure Tank. In addition, we’ll install an outdoor shower with instant hot-water (esp useful for cleaning up after a hard day’s wading).

By installing an in-ground well we’ll be able to stay at the cabin through hunting season without undue worry about frozen pipes.


3) A 12’x16′ canvas glamping tent situated on a raised, wood-floor with a wrap-around walkway and a small pellet or gas stove for heating. Our tent will not have the external frame as shown in the picture, and the deck will wrap around the front and West side (Left as you look at the picture).

4) Begin to build a split-rail fence along the Northern boundary. I’ll do this section by section as time and budget permit starting at NE corner (where our property line meets the river) and moving toward the Trouthaven Drive road (our NW corner).


5) Rebuild the garden fence to look more like the picture. Currently, it doesn’t have the upper rail nor the timber frame base.


6) Explore the backroads of Western Montana — especially the areas South (up-river) towards HW 384 to Phillipsburg.

7) As always, keep trying for the 20″ trout on a #20 fly.

8)  Restain both cabins.

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